Click: What We Do Online and Why It Matters

Click - What We Do Online And Why It Matters
Click – What We Do Online And Why It Matters

“Click” takes us deep inside the massive database of online intelligence to reveal the naked truth and unexpected insights about how we use the internet, navigate to websites, and search for information – and what that says about who we are. In unmatched, utterly fascinating detail author Bill Tancer describes observations about our lives, our interests, our thoughts, our fears and our dreams. He then shows how that behavior can help businesses target consumer trends, especially since–counter intuitively–what many people do offline is very different from what they do online.



J.C. M.

This book is an excellent read and I receommend it for anyone who is a business owner. This is a great resource for a personal and professional library.

Len B.

Excellent Read!



Marvell H.

Very good book. Quite revealing.

Wayne C.

Very interesting read – I would recommend it to others

Bargain Junkie: Living the Good Life on the Cheap

Bargain Junkie: Living the Good Life on the Cheap

 Forget fashionistas. Meet the bargainista. Annie Korzen is a thrifty woman with expensive tastes.

Bargain Junkie - Living The Good Life on the Cheap
Bargain Junkie

 Raised by an immigrant mother who reused tea bags, Annie learned early on how to be an economista.

In Bargain Junkie, Korzen shares her hilarious tales from the trenches–the garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, rummage sales, and online auctions. Korzen haggles, scrimps, saves, and stretches her dollars and her imagination so she can afford to travel, dress well, and eat out whenever possible.

Whether she’s getting a cardiovascular workout at the store, getting revenge on a yard sale con artist, or eating herself sick at the free green room buffet before appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Annie is the ultimate bargainista.


Heather M.

What a wonderful read this little book is, I literally laughed out loud at some of the stories, but t it also gave some good money saving information.

Mary H.

This is an excellent book for ideas on how to keep your expenses down for everyday living. It gives places to check where you can shop and not pay retail. I’m thoroughly impressed with this book.

Eddy D.

Full of good usefull tips,everyone should have this book at hand all the time!

Elizabeth F.

This book is fun to read. You really learn lots of ways to shop and bargain.


Little Money Makers: 100 In-Demand Niche Markets

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Little Money Makers: 100 In-Demand Niche Markets!
by Larry Dotson

This publication is designed to provide accurate and
authoritative information with regard to the subject matter

This ebook is NOT CHEAP – Just Priced cheap so more people can benefit.

Sonya W.

Great ideas and tips for starting your own business!

Reviewed September 13, 2013

Mary P.

I am very pleased with Little Money Makers. It contained a lot of useful information that will be helpful to me and anyone else that will use it. Great product for the low price.

Reviewed September 12, 2013

Terrence S.

Niche Marketing has always been an arena i wanted to get into,but wasn’t sure how to. This manual gets you in the right step towards being an expert in the field.

Reviewed September 27, 2013

Tayelolu A.

I am more enlightened to know the niches out there.

Reviewed August 19, 2013

Nikole u.

I would recommend this product to a friend because it has many good ideas

Reviewed September 24, 2012

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Let Go and Live Your Dream


In an effort to fully compete in a man’s world, contemporary women have become alpha females. We rely on masculine traits–the testosterone energies of action, focus, determination, and self-reliance–to create success and achieve our goals. We are now coming to realize that while we have mastered these means for pursuing our dreams, we have neglected the equally valuable and complementary energies of magnetism, receptivity, and intuition–the Magnetic Female. In “Life Shift,” Aleta presents her techniques for breaking through our emotional blocks and allowing our Magnetic Female and alpha energies to interact and harmonize with each other. She teaches skills that open the doors to a powerful co-creative relationship between these two forces within us and guides us to use these tools to identify our desires, engage our dreams, and realize our destinies.

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